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Marble Surface

Dot array

The project is a spatial interactive installation that can perform unpredictable image expression of sound.

With the violent progress of China's urbanization in recent years, many people have left their hometowns to withdraw from their familiar lives and come to live in cities. Due to the conversion of new and old identities, as well as the noisy and fast pace of life in metropolises. Many people are closed in their own small world and lack contact with others. We call them new city dwellers. The audience comes to the black space full of ritual sense and interacts with the installation through language or pure sound, so as to convey the positive feedback that the sound will be responded to to the audience. This is a way to establish an emotional connection with the audience. We expect that everyone's voice will be heard by other visitors, which will trigger a discussion among strangers, and we expect a new life to begin with a new communication partner. Through this project, we can discuss the well-being of the people in the new city, reflect on the social shocks caused by urbanization, or discuss the connection between sound and the meaning of language.

Space Installation

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