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Virtual Space and Material Narratives

Liu Gongjie

21 Mar 2023

The concept of virtual space we are talking about is not actually based on the discussion in the context of architecture or environment. It is more considered a purely philosophical concept. Based on Lefebvre's book "Space Production", we use various substances Sex Carrier discusses different spatial forms…

Virtual space in utensils

Taking Longquan celadon as an example, warmth and transparency are unique textures of ceramics.

The aesthetics of celadon are elegant and concise. The glaze wraps the rough embryo body, and it will flow a little during the firing process. In this process, the structure of the embryo will be exposed slightly, bringing a richer level to the objects with simple lines, presenting a dense and rich beauty. The most commendable are those ice cracks, which are created by accident, and the opening process often lasts for hundreds of years. Faithfully record everything that happens in time, but they are not alone, the oil film is their good partner. The oil oozing from the user's hands imparts a unique imprint to the utensil. Let the utensils pass through the barriers of time and burst out with more powerful vitality. Those illusory and blurred atmospheres have the power to overcome time.

Virtual space in architecture

The architectural expression of virtual space is the most pertinent, and those transition places that connect different functional areas are exactly where they play a role. The three-storey nested courtyards of ancient large families marked the spatial rhythm for all visitors, and it also indicated the power of human beings to shape space. Walking in it, the mind also fluctuated with the spatial rhythm. They are silent poems, pulling in the hearts of all visitors. I want to talk about screens and windows in particular. They are particularly interesting existences in our architectural culture. Screens create a space that is partially separated but connected as a whole. It is like a derivation from a large system. The dual perception of inside space and outside space. And the window, the window covered with rice paper.

In the context of architecture, sound also plays an important role in shaping virtual space. The towering dome of the church not only shows the scale of God. But it also creates conditions for the reverberation of the sound. The chant of every devout believer. Echoed in the empty halls, then intertwined, straight to the ears. The monks in the East also chose a similar method: the crisp wooden fish sound wrapped the chanting scriptures, instilling the faith of abandoning evil and favoring good for the worldly people. Open the door to the next reincarnation for the deceased. We do not need to demonstrate the utility of the gods here, the "devil" can be hidden in the details, and the "god" can also appear in the chaos. Believers pray devoutly, and there is always a field facing their hearts. Sound is active in its own dimension, and it reminds us, along with the splendid buildings of various civilizations, that the void still exists beyond our sight.

Virtual space in images

In the movie "Arrival", the director Villeneuve presents us with an incomprehensible and mysterious alien image through the creation of virtual space. Ruoying tentacles, as well as ink-like alien text. The virtual space here is filled with fog without direction and depth. In between, all kinds of materials merge with each other, obscuring part of the outline of the object that we can glimpse. In this way, there is room for human beings' remarkable imagination. We always want to finish up what's behind the tentacles. But we are stubborn not to believe it. I had to let the senses become the slaves of the brain, and I had to focus on 120,000 points, and I had to compete. So for more than 120 minutes, his attention never left the screen. We gave the director a knee after all. The extraterrestrial characters of ink and wash are considered to be a masterpiece, but we cannot say how much the director has a preference for oriental culture. By showing a certain sense of strangeness, Villeneuve enhanced the sense of reality brought by alien creatures. All this is achieved through the medium of virtual space and through cultural heterogeneity.

Virtual space in painting

In Western painting, the law of perspective is extremely important, it is the order that regulates everything. All things are placed where they should be, so Western painting always presents a definite mechanical and conceptual space. In such a space, order is presented by the position of things and their proportional relationship. Even the things that make up the things themselves: trees, fruits, a moustache are clearly classified. Everything reveals a sense of power, pursues eternity, and presents a moment of static beauty. The Eastern painting has its own rules and regulations, pays attention to the use of objects to complement the emotions, and the charm is vivid. Through flexible pen and ink techniques, the shades are appropriate, and the paper presents a transparent and rich sense of hierarchy. Regarding the virtual space,

Eastern painters have something to say. In the famous "Han Xizai Night Banquet Picture", the painter superimposed the scenes before the banquet and after the banquet in the same work through a long scroll. Space is condensed into a picture scroll. A new timeline was given during the viewing. Everything unfolds to the viewers slowly, we see the end of the picture scroll, the banquet is over, Han Xizai waved his hands and bid farewell to the guests, whether he was also saying goodbye to the self at the beginning, the self who indulged in singing and dancing and lost his will. After looking at the slump in the officialdom, do you still have a heart to serve the country? This is the charm of oriental painting. It is based on the material and has a deep connotation in the appearance. The emotion and character can transcend the shackles of time and space. Maybe time and space in their hearts are not clear. it is for Find unparalleled beauty.

Virtual space in computer

"All adventures and adventures are magnificent illusions" The computer shapes a simulacrum's reality through the throbbing of "0s" and "1s". The stars are raining, the breeze is as usual. There are even love and hatred and dreams that teenagers are always chasing. Don't hesitate, that's another "reality", the only difference is that code can shape you as well as others. In the binary world, all people come from their own places, go offline, and say good night to each other. We think we can walk through it calmly. when the moon rises, sleeping amusement park will be listed for business again, until we can no longer distinguish between dream and reality. Forget it, then don't care

The computer doesn't say a word and takes the punishment silently. It's just a loyal servant. It is tough, day and night, it is tolerant, and it is not afraid of all guests and friends. Players often say that it is another dimension: indulge in joyful singing, But in the eyes of philosophers, it is the objective world, what is the difference! The computer is actually a good partner. In the virtual space created by it, one can find the crux of the problem, harvest happiness, and place their thoughts on them. There are many, many more, so let it go with us, we can go far, far together.

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