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Membrane structure

The exploration of membrane structure comes from the 20th century architect frie ottoHis works have enhanced our understanding of spatial forms and greatly enriched our ability to use forms that resemble biological structures through physical form finding.

At present, the parametric design tools have been developed and mature, and we can set any mechanical state we want through the computer and simulate the shape under its related characteristics. What's interesting is that during this process I discovered that the appearance of many creatures is not determined by evolutionary choices. It is limited by objective physical/mechanical conditions. If they can grow on other planets. Then their forms will be very different.

This project is also exploring the potential value of simulation. We parameterize all visible objects. Sophisticated control over details. And mathematically provide boundaries for each set of data. Then this way of knowing things will greatly change the way we create things. Especially in the construction and industrial fields, digital construction has become a very important future trend.

My project is to use a parametric platform to study computer calculation forms based on different mechanical models.Including the Voronoi diagram

platform:Rhino(Grasshopper Kangaroo) Cinema4D Ameba

Digital fabrication

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