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Kombucha is a kind of biofilm, a symbiotic of yeast, lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria. In fact, Kombucha has a long history of use. According to historical records, as early as the Qin Dynasty in China (BC221-BC207), the residents of Bohai region used kombucha into beverages and daily health products. This is considered good for health . This drink is called kombucha. As for how kombucha was introduced to the West, one theory is due to the exchange between Japan and the West during the great voyages (the Netherlands). Another theory is that Czarist Russia cultivated this fungus and Related craftsmanship was brought to Western countries. Nowadays, kombucha has developed a lot of use value, including clothing accessories, and is considered to be a sustainable material with potentially high use value. My project is to test whether it has the possibility of mass production by culturing kombucha. And the possibility of incorporating biomass products into industrial production.

​material innovation

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