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The Everyday Martian

This is a collaborative project with the London Design Museum

We created a Martian city under the administration of the Chinese government in the museum (and this is also the first city established by humans on Mars) and reproduced it through scenes such as the arrival hall, bar, mental hospital, entertainment center, crematorium, etc. For the future human life on Mars, we all play our own roles in this huge city. And interact with the public who come to the museum for a week.


This project presents a sample of international collaborations in non-Western contexts and the challenges we will face as we explore the early universe. As one of the few Chinese students in the course, I also became a cultural advisor for the project and helped write the chronicle. Thanks to China's strength in the aerospace field, such a setting is very convincing. In the process of creation, I corrected a lot of cultural prejudices from Western concepts and presented a relatively real Chinese city on Mars, which is actually very meaningful: this gives the British people who visit the museum a new perspective on them. The relationship with different civilizations, and the way of life in the future world.

speculative design

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