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​Eternal life

This project is a speculative design work

He explored a possible future where people can achieve immortality through consciousness upload.

I created a " future engineer", which can upload the perception experience of the physical world to the virtual world generated by code using a wearable toolkit She is considered to be the pioneer in the construction of the virtual world. They are held by professionals who have received professional training. They often have relatives or loved ones who are about to die. Uploading their will to the virtual world and continuing to live is the only option to keep the loved ones living.I designed the role image of an engineer and the toolkit they will use. Including perception devices based on vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste.Through such a system, I look forward to guiding the audience to better think about the existence of immortality and post-digital humans, and I look forward to discussing with the audience the social ethics and humanism in the era of cutting-edge technology.

​Speculative Design

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