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Emotionally Harmonious Cyborg Future

The project is a speculative design work

It explores a possible future in the form of a dance drama, where human beings take the initiative to transform themselves into a cyborg that combines the physical and mechanical, and have the ability to directly perceive the emotions of others. How will this affect our daily lives? The technical props in the dance drama include emotional buttons, emotional storage crystals, and emotional clouds.


I look forward to guiding the audience through this project to think about the possibility of human-machine symbiosis in future life. Explore the possible forms of human existence in the future, including the possibility of cross-media integration of biology, machinery and information. It will consider various aspects of physical cognition and criticize external constraints such as gender boundaries and cultural boundaries.


This project is based on a critical discussion of intellectual equality. I hope that the public can also join in the daily discussion of the future, which will greatly expand the diversity of human will and open up a future path for harmonious coexistence with technology.

​material innovation

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