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Vibrant Drawer 

Vibrant Drawer is an experimental furniture design. It responds to everyone who touches its handle, using onomatopoeic words and simulating human speech to participate in interactions,

It uses some onomatopoeic words and simulates human speech to participate in interactions. Vibrant Drawer challenges the traditional concept of passive matter through ultrasonic sensors and a physical computing platform based on Arduino. We hope that through this project, we can rethink the relationship between humans and non-human entities. Treat previously inert and passive artefacts as a dynamic entity. This will encourage a diverse understanding of life.


However we try to establish a connection with the matter in a personified way, will it cover up the narrative discourse brought about by the material itself? Does this imply a human-centred value system? Therefore, Vibrant Drawer attempts to actively consider the role of matter in political-ecological discourse establishing a dynamic concept of matter.

Liu Gongjie&Nie Zhenni

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