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A Fable of Catching Leaves


I set up a dystopian world where humans are completely separated from the ecosystem, and the average person in that world loses all knowledge about the ecosystem. Through the protagonist's adventures in the forest and various artefacts and non-human species encounter and contact stories. Explore the potential for establishing harmonious symbiosis with the ecosystem. The project operates within the theoretical framework of speculative design. Therefore, I used defamiliarization narrative techniques to create a series of pottery products and glass installations to participate in the ecological environment. As a kind of narrative props, they do not have a practical function, but they present an absurd and strange atmosphere, so that people can escape the objective restrictions of the real world and enter a kind of thinking amusement park. It is in this project that pottery is used as a visual reference to shape the narrative of the story and present a technological path and creative culture that is completely different from the real world, and it is also a material agent for the story to reveal a time when humans were closely linked to ecology.The functions of those devices are:

1. Visually based plant search device

In the constructed worldview, it aims to help the protagonist find the plants they want and highlight them in the picture.


2. Diffusion device based on smell

A device based on distillation and extraction principles that can flexibly extract beneficial substances from the environment and convert them into inhalable gases through diffusion devices in small chambers.

This device is usually used in a fixed location, close to the water source


3. Auditory based interactive devices

Sound beyond human detection frequency can be captured more sensitively, or sound can be collected, edited, and converted through control devices.

It can also convert the original sound frequency and emit sound at a specific frequency. They are usually used in conjunction with a keyboard.


4. Tactile based collection device

A device that can achieve precise collection and guide users to touch samples.


5. Storage container

A container that can store samples for a short period of time, with constant temperature and humidity isolation. It has the ability to isolate communication between internal and external media.



​Liu Gongjie&Nie Zhenni

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