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Wild Curatorial Program

This is the first exhibition activity of the Banngo art research group, and I am in charge of some executive work in this activity

It is also my initial attempt at curatorial work. In this project, we try to move art from the art gallery to the community and to daily life. We expect to break the clichés of mainstream art expressions. We believe that art should not be the exclusive preserve of the elite. It is the art of the people. So we found a secluded place in the park and invited our friends and like-minded friends. Let artworks be presented in a natural environment.


I've always believed it was a worthwhile endeavor

We try to make art move from the art gallery to the community and to daily life. In the complex living environment, the artwork can gain rich extensions and establish a wider connection with the audience. Most of the curatorial team and artists have interdisciplinary backgrounds, so we are not bound by established rules, dedicated to planning, thanks to all the curators, we spent a wonderful weekend together, Chat about past experiences, sharing ideas and food, and expressing our respect for life with all kind people.

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