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Bizarre Adventures in the Forest​(林境物语

The film tells about a parallel future where human society develops completely decoupled from nature.

Growing up in a completely artificial environment, people have long forgotten the existence of forests and ecosystems. An unexpected failure made the protagonist stray into the depths of the forest, a completely unfamiliar environment, and all kinds of weird things she had never seen before. As the story progresses, she discovers that the forest seems to have traces of human activity. Artifacts, and architectural relics, but are all artifacts full of strangeness. In the continuous exploration in the forest, she found that things are not simple, maybe there are more hidden truths about to surface, can she finally find the way back smoothly...



In this story, I try to critically explore the issue of biophilia in a film-like way: "When all the perceptual experience and social knowledge about ecology disappear in our social system. How do we view nature and ecosystems?" ?” The human beings set in this play live in a dystopian society that is highly advanced in technology but detached from nature, which is a future of extreme modernism. I look forward to discussing with my audience how to better establish the connection between human beings and ecology through this film. I encourage us to increase our understanding of nature through experience, especially the greatly expanded embodied sensory experience. This will help to correct some erroneous knowledge and concepts about ecology in our minds. I look forward to establishing a wider relationship with the public through this form, and actively promoting images as an effective way to improve citizens' ecological literacy and play a constructive role. effect.


The project is currently in production

And screening activities will begin in the fall of 2023.

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