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往/Wǎng Curatorial Program

In this exhibition, we focus on the identity deconstruction and cross-cultural creation of Asian young artists this project is also based on the promotion of exchanges between artists, through setting up research rooms and dialogue activities

Artists can exchange their creative experiences with each other. Of course, we still uphold the common philosophy of the Banngo Art Research Group to let art go to the community and to the public.

Exhibition theme

Wǎng means to pursue, those who have their hearts far away, regardless of the destination and return date, pursue freely with the will of their hearts.

Wǎng, means the struggle to break free from the anchors of life, and they throw their shackles to the ground in a furious fight.

Wǎng means going to the critical state of the unreached place. They witness the prosperity and loneliness in the rolling red dust and welcome everything with a gesture of neither sorrow nor joy.

Wǎng means that being against by thousands, I go forward anyway. It shows the courage of the retrograde, and it is also the implementation of karma.

Wǎng also means to connect the traces and memories of the past, those who have not been annihilated in the time vortex become part of us. 


So we could establish a poetic link with this boundless universe. It transcends the boundaries of the real world and is able to connect with multi-dimensional time and space. Those conceptual, virtual, and fragments are hidden in the shadows. Join us on the journey.

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