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Space&Time Coordinate

Jingdezhen art residency program

This project is my resident practice in Jingdezhen

The residency project includes a survey of the pottery community that has been making pottery for more than 1,500 years, including the materials and craft systems of the artisans who make space, in fact it is a very vibrant community. It greatly encourages the burst of creative inspiration, and the craft as a link to establish a beautiful way of poetic connection between people. I stayed here for a month and developed some creative work.


This project is a response to the rapid collapse of the dimensions of sensory experience in our lives today. We are wrapped in our lives around digital products, engaging and perceiving the world almost exclusively through sight and sound. But the bombardment of the landscape keeps us trapped in an absurdity that is visually swollen and meaningless. So I try to create a series of narration-oriented artefacts, viewing them as riveting coordinates of time and space. By placing them in different environments that bring about odor - and morphology-induced narrative situations, we allow the viewer to have a multi-sensory perceptual experience. And consider the potential of material artefacts as narrative agents. For me, it's also about learning and practicing ceramics and connecting with the creative community through materials.


After that, I will actively explore, including expanding the discourse boundaries of ceramics as a narrative carrier, investigating whether it can play more narrative roles in the digital age and break the inherent image of ceramics as an aesthetic carrier in the pre-industrial era. This may help to break the conservative tendencies in the existing craft community: for example, the stagnation in the knowledge of the inherent traditional craft system, or the pointless grinding and repetition of technical flaunting as a means of power construction. These explorations will encourage a multidisciplinary approach to creation and connect with a wider range of disciplinary knowledge. In a word, this will be a dynamically updated project, and I will gradually present it through many investigations and visits.

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