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From the perspective of a fashion model in future urban life, the project discusses the confusion of identity agents under the widespread application of artificial intelligence and the conflict of rights between humans and artefacts at the social level. The project operates within the theoretical framework of speculative design. It includes a series of worldview setting character image design, narrative props production, and film production. As a collaborative project, I contributed art direction and prop production support to the project.


Through the narration of images, we have brought some discussions from multiple perspectives:For example, the protagonist, as a human being, faces the collapse of social rights and interests after losing the association of cultural symbols (face). This undoubtedly highlights the objectification of female identity in a landscape era, which presents a specific form of machine slavery system built through social governance structure in a high-tech state. On the other hand, there is a subtle antagonism between the arrogant but indifferent fashion manager and the artificial robot who sacrifices himself to give the heroine a chance in a difficult situation. He lets everyone see the awakening and rights demands of artificial intelligence as an independent consciousness body. We also see the potential for moral laws to transition in an entangled network of matter. The final climax in the restaurant is undoubtedly the contradiction of identity agency confusion. But behind the final tragic outcome is the inequality of class rights and the resort to violence through technology. we encourage the audience to interpret the work through their own perspective.


For me, this project represents a new attempt to put the issues of technology and identity agency into a social context. And think positively about the potential relationship between people and artifacts. Maybe it shouldn't be seen in the traditional lazy and controlled way. Rather, it should be placed in a broad network of matter to explore their interactions. Finally, this is a smooth cooperation, although the story is tragic, but the creators are very happy!

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