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 The Awareness of Home

What does home mean to everyone?

It can be warm, close. Or regretfully wanting to escape. In the cultural background of modernity, what will our understanding of home be?


This project invites the audience to explore the meaning of home through a series of expandable clay installations. Through the abstract combination of traces and forms and the establishment of such a vague narrative scene, we can see the extension of the concept of home in different groups and cultural backgrounds. The case of this project comes from a wide range of group research. I collected their understanding of home and drew a book about home. They may come from real people around us, and some from the broader cultural landscape. Through this project, I also try to discuss with my audience the sense of homeland in a broad sense, and how it transcends the relationship between people and is rooted in our connection to the environment, and reveals the poetic connection between multi-species coexistence enhancement.

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