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Coastal Poetry Farm

This project is my resident practice in Meilian Village, Hainan Island

On the local beach lives a burrowing sand crab that burrows in the sand to escape the hot sun. But usually they live a nomadic life and do not settle in the same place. So I spread my calligraphy manuscripts on the sand like farmland, let the crabs dig freely in the paper, and then I collected the words and recreated them into poems. This project discusses the potential for multi-species knowledge production. Thanks to the characteristics of Chinese as a pictograph (separation of form and meaning), we often focus on the aesthetic and formal experience brought by symbols when practicing calligraphy. Without paying too much attention to meaning, by working with sand crabs. We take these symbols full of aesthetic experience and recombine them into poetic works with unique meaning. It is an attempt to make the human language-writing symbol system compatible with the semiotic system of non-human species. The project puts human cultural creation back into a multi-species network and explores the potential for incorporating our knowledge production into a broad multi-species collaboration.

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